In today’s fast paced, technology driven world, business reporting requirements are constantly changing. You need an experienced, forward-thinking firm that can provide you with high-quality audit and compliance services. For 47 years, TBCO has built a reputation for exemplary audit services. Our highly skilled auditors have expertise in a wide range of industries, enabling them to guide you through issues that matter most to your organization. When you partner with us you can count on services tailored to your specific needs with a trusted business advisor dedicated to providing you with proactive guidance and constructive solutions to maximize profitability and efficiency. 

Financial Audits
An intensive examination of your organization's process and financial records to provide the highest level of assurance.

Reviews provide more limited assurance by using analytical procedures to evaluate your financial statements and are less extensive than an audit. This is a great option for new businesses as they are more economical and less time consuming than financial audits.

Primarily for internal use, compilations do not provide any level of assurance, but can be useful for businesses who need to restructure or organize, or for those who do not have the accounting personnel available internally to prepare their financial statements.

Agreed-Upon Procedures Engagements
Provide a report of findings based on specific procedures outlined by the client or requested by another party for compliance issues.

Uniform Guidance/Single Audits
For organizations who spent $750,000 or more in federal grant money during the year, this audit provides an in-depth review of how an organization manages federal funds to ensure funds were spent in compliance with the rules and regulations of each grant award. This includes a risk assessment of financial statements, records, expenditures, and internal controls. ​